Smart Investment | Why Metal?

Because it’s Beautiful, Long-lasting & Maintenance Free

Superb Curb Appeal The first question you ask yourself is “How important is the look?” The roof you choose is vastly important to the overall impression your home makes at first glance. It can also leave a lasting impression that complements your personal style and good taste. Metal roofs offer a selection of vibrant colour schemes featuring rich blends, earth stone finishes and natural hues, all of which dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home.   50 Year Transferable Warranty Lifetime Warranties add long-lasting value to you metal roof, and our customers are smart with their money: “We know we made the right choice simply by the number of admirers who are pulling into our yard to have a look. All are impressed. We could sell the place in a minute, but we want to live in it for a long time. That’s why we made the extra investment in a metal roof.” Robert Young Toronto, Ont. Full warranty details are available in-store.   Maintenance Free Peace-of-Mind You can be assured that the metal roof protecting your family and belongings needs no additional care. The initial investment far outweighs the inconvenience and ongoing maintenance costs of other roofing materials that are basically only temporary solutions. The quality of a metal roof is remembered long after the price has been forgotten.

Style & Variety

Why Metal Roof Outlet?

Several Architectural Styles At Metal Roof Outlet we distribute basic agricultural, ribbed or first-generation metal roofs as well as the latest architectural and heritage selections. These new styles are designer-inspired; setting the tone and enhancing the ambience of the entire building, plus they neither look nor sound like steel!   Nothing contributes more to the architectural significance and character of your home’s exterior than your choice of roof style. You can change the appearance, colour, texture and real market value of your home with an intelligent and informed roof selection. These new, exciting, executive-class looks for metal roofing accurately simulate authentic slate, Mediterranean or southern clay tile, natural wood shakes and even traditional shingles. You will agree when we say: “They won’t believe its steel!”   Professional Installation Our professionally trained installers will make sure your roof is secure and beautiful so you will be as happy as thousands of satisfied customers before you. By concentrating on being the best, rather than the biggest, Metal Roof Outlet provides a quality installation; exactly what a customer expects from a professional roofing contractor.

Quiet, Safe & Clean

RRR – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

Environmentally Responsible Steel is one of the most recycled products on the planet! More steel is recycled each year than paper, aluminum, plastic and glass combined. Three-fourths of all steel ends up recycled and is the building material of choice for today’s roofing products. By recycling 100% of our metal waste, Metal Roof Outlet recognizes the importance of conservation, energy efficiency and green roof solutions. We also purchase all of our products from suppliers who have recycling facilities on site. By saving landfill sites from hazardous shingle disposals we can reduce the size of our long-term environmental footprint; leaving less of a mark on the world around us.

Energy Efficient

Saves You Money!

Excellent Insulation/Energy Efficient A metal roof reflects and emits the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building. A steel roof’s insulation efficiency is measured in two ways: solar reflectivity and thermal emission. Metal roofs have a high heat reflectivity which results in less heat being transferred into the building’s structure which can save up to 40% in summer cooling energy costs.   Highly-emissive metal roofs can reduce air temperatures in the attic by as much as 12°F. They reflect the sun’s heat during the day and cool almost immediately at dusk saving air conditioning costs.   In some cases Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems can reduce heat gain by as much as 45% over conventional asphalt roofing.   Self Ventilating Metal roofs installed with airspace above the roof deck produce exceptional energy savings in winter by providing a thermal barrier to insulate and help reduce ice damming. A properly vented metal roof can reduce heat gain by as much as 45% over conventional asphalt roofing.   Metal roofing systems achieve this thermal barrier by allowing air to move between the steel panel and the underlying deck. When heated air is able to dissipate through the ridgeline, cooler air is drawn through eave vents. A bonus? Continuous ridge venting creates more venting area, and also eliminates the need to install unsightly protruding roof vents.

Solar Panels

Green Energy!

Solar panels are costly to install and maintain, but can be a great investment into the future of your family and your home. When you choose to take on the responsibility of solar panels, there is no room for cutting corners. Protect your solar panel investment with a high-quality metal roof. A metal roof provides the stability and longevity necessary for solar panel installations Rooftop solar panels have a life of 20-25 years, so make sure you have a roof that can support them throughout their lifespan. Traditional shingles are one of the worst roofing options for solar panel installations: asphalt roofs typically need to be replaced after 10-15 years, so it’s highly likely you will need to disassemble and later remount the solar panels at your expense in order to replace your roof. Additionally, with traditional shingles the mounting racks will need to pass through the asphalt to anchor in structural pieces like trusses, which entails drilling through the roof and can result in leaks and splitting. Fortunately, standing-seam metal roofs provide sturdy ridges to which solar panel mounting racks can fasten, and certain solar panels can be mounted to metal roofs with an adhesive backing. There are also fastening options for stone-coated metal roofs which preserve the integrity of the structure beneath. Metal roofs often last 50 years or more, allowing you plenty of time to complete two solar panel lifecycles before needing to replace your roof.