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Tilcor CF Shingle: The Superior Alternative to Asphalt | Brantford, ON

Featured Installation “Look Closer… This is a Metal Roof!”

We know, it’s hard to believe this is a metal roof! The CF Shingle from Tilcor Roofing Systems is a premium metal roofing product designed to replicate the classic look of traditional asphalt shingles, while offering the superior durability and longevity of metal.

The Traditional Look with Modern Benefits

Like many homeowners, this homeowner in Brantford, Ontario loved the look of asphalt shingles, but found the cost of repair and maintenance to be far from desirable. Asphalt shingles have that cozy, classic look that enhances a home’s charm and curb appeal, but they lack the durability and long-lasting nature of steel alternatives.


Tilcor’s CF Shingle is a metal roofing alternative that not only replicates the asphalt look flawlessly but also brings the added benefits of maintenance-free longevity, making it an investment that holds its value over time.

Premium Quality and Craftsmanship

Tilcor CF metal shingles are crafted from the highest quality raw materials, featuring New Zealand Steel that ensures unparalleled durability and strength. The unique Concealed Fastening (CF) system employed in these shingles protects all fastening elements, making the product completely windproof and watertight.


The best part? This metal roofing product can be installed directly over your existing shingles, simplifying the process and reducing waste.


SEE HOW IT’S DONE: Watch Metal Roof Outlet Install Tilcor CF Metal Shingles – Click Here!

Unmatched Warranty and Peace of Mind

Tilcor CF metal shingles are backed by a 50-year warranty and are certified to withstand winds of up to 190 km/hr, offering a level of assurance that’s hard to match. An extremely durable UV-resistant coating ensures your roof will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.


Thousands of very satisfied customers have trusted Metal Roof Outlet with the important decision of investing in a metal roof. Trained in the most recent technical developments in the industry, our team of professionals will help you weigh out the architectural design details, installation methods, warranties and advantages of each product we offer. With an impeccable track record and reliable advice since 1986, see for yourself why Ontarians trust Metal Roof Outlet with their metal roof installation.

Metal Roof Outlet - Featured Installation - Brantford, Ontario - Featured Image
Metal Roof Outlet installed the CF Shingle, Charcoal Blend from Tilcor Roofing Systems on this home in Brantford, Ontario.
Close-up of Tilcor CF shingles professionally installed by Metal Roof Outlet on a home in Brantford, Ontario. Two roof peeks, with windows below.
Tilcor CF shingles look just like regular asphalt shingles but offer the superior durability & longevity of metal shingles.

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