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Why Work with Us?

Competitive Wages Work Outside Full Benefits Package
Metal Roof Outlet employees are paid fair, competitive, hourly wages and receive paid training.   Working outdoors, being physically fit, and working with their hands are all things our installation crews enjoy.   Metal Roof Outlet offers full paid health benefits to employees to ensure they are able to work hard, while feeling good.  
We believe that everyone benefits when employees are financially secure & have job security. Employees have the opportunity to move to new positions as opportunities arrive, and one day could lead their own crew! Roofing isn’t for everyone. Temperatures can get hot, and working at heights can be intimidating. We invite potential employees to come out to a job and get an honest feel for whether or not they’ll enjoy it. Installing metal roofs is physically demanding, and can be hot in the summer months. We want our employees to be able to take care of their health so they can enjoy their work and focus on the job.

Is a Metal Roofing Career Right for You?

[ ✔ ] Do you enjoy being physically active and being outside? If the answer is YES then this job is one you’ll likely enjoy. You could be getting paid to do the things you enjoy!   [ ✔ ] Do you have an eye for precision and detail? Metal roofing involved more precision than asphalt installation. We rely on the entire team to check for inefficiencies at every step.   [ ✔ ] Do you like seeing project through from start to finish? That’s one of our favourite parts of metal roofing – aside from the smile on the homeowners face when they see their new roof.   [ ✔ ] Are you OK with heights & wearing specialized safety equipment? We wear harnesses and helmets to ensure safety while installing. The height can come as a shock when you’re actually up on a roof!   [ ✔ ] Do you like your expenses covered when you’re out of town (who wouldn’t love that!)? Our territories cover Windsor all the way to the GTA! When jobs are out of town, we cover the cost of lodging and offer a meal allowance to our employees.   Past experience in the following areas may be also useful: Asphalt Roofing, Construction, Farming, Landscaping

Why Work with Metal Roof Outlet?

  • All employees of Metal Roof Outlet are covered by WSIB insurance
  • Our employees cherish teamwork, a job well done, and actually enjoy coming to work! (Seriously, some have been here for 30 years and some even have their family working on their crews!)
  • Metal Roofing is lighter than asphalt! While you can expect heavy lifting involved in most jobs, the weight is less stressful for transport and installation
  • We provide all the necessary training & certifications to ensure you can safely work at heights and are trained in workplace safety hazards
  • We’ve been in business for over 33 years and are constantly growing.

Metal Roof Installer

  Constantly growing, our company now has a need for additional installers. We are seeking individuals with the following:
  • Strong work ethic
  • The ability to respect and follow safety procedures
  • Positive, proactive attitude
You must be willing to work outside, in all weather conditions, and be comfortable working at heights. Previous experience is not required, as we can offer training and certification. We offer competitive pay, training, paid travel expenses and benefits after three months. All resumes will be received in confidence and qualified individuals will be contacted for an interview. Job Type:Full-time Hourly Rate:$17-24 (Dependent on experience)

To apply for this position, please email your resume to