Get your old roof repalced by Metal Roof Outlet!

Get a Complete Roof Restoration in Ontario

For the past 30 years, Metal Roof Outlet has provided thousands of customers with quality metal roofs in Southern Ontario. Each roof comes with an extended manufacturer’s warranty of thirty years or longer. That means when you trust Metal Roof Outlet with your roof replacement it may be the last time you ever replace your roof.

Advantages of Metal/Steel Roofing

Steel roofs are safer and more durable than classic roofing materials. Manufacturers are also able to imitate any roofing style. This flexibility allows you to choose a steel roof that best suits your home’s architecture. Our steel roofs come in a wide variety of profiles, colours, and textures!
  • Metal Tile – Steel roofing materials can mimic the look and texture of Mediterranean, southwestern, or any other type of roofing tile. Steel tiles are considerably lighter than clay tiles and hold up much better in harsh weather.
  • Metal Shake – If you prefer the rustic look of a wooden or cedar shake roof, we can install steel roofs that match their warm wooden texture. But unlike wooden roofs, steel shakes have the advantage of being non-flammable.
  • Metal Slate – Steel roofs can expertly mimic the elegant look of a slate roof. A major benefit is that steel slate roofs don’t come loose over time, like traditional slate.
  • Metal Shingle – Steel roofing materials can even replicate the look and feel of asphalt shingles. Asphalt-style steel shingles are lightweight, durable, and look great on any style of home.
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