Metal Tile – Classic & Luxurious

Feel confident that a metal tile roof will look as beautiful as the day it was installed, even decades later!

Metal tile roofing offers unsurpassed architectural beauty, while being durable and dependable.

Boral Metal Tile

Clay-look metal roofing has elegance and a luxurious texture. The stone coating on a Metal Tile roof gives you the look of authentic clay tiles without the maintenance or the fear of sliding tiles. A perfect choice for anyone looking for a Mediterranean touch. This metal roofing design uses a unique blend of earth stone granules which are bonded and sealed to pre-formed steel panels to provide the natural hues and beauty of traditional clay tile.

Katola Tile

Painted metal tiles are an alternative to stone-coated metal tiles and offer the same appeal of a Mediterranean look. With a Katola Tile roof you may choose from a wide variety of colours, all offering an even and consistent color and texture.  The consistency of painted metal tile roofing is the perfect complement to patterned and multi-colour brick or intricate stone work, as you avoid too much pattern competing for the eye’s attention.

Boral Metal Tile

Katola Tile