Metal Shingle – Traditional & Enduring

Asphalt shingles have a traditional and homey feel that many homeowners desire for classic curb appeal. However, asphalt roofs are often less reliable and are not as long-lasting as steel.

Fortunately, steel roofing shingles from Metal Roof Outlet make it possible to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of common asphalt shingles with the strength, durability, and convenience of steel roofing. We provide sales and installation for metal roofing shingles in cities and neighbourhoods across Ontario.

Designed as an alternative to common asphalt shingles, steel shingles will be the last roof you install on your house!


Concealed Fastening (CF) Shingle

Made from the highest quality raw materials using New Zealand Steel ensures the durability and strength is second to none. Our unique Concealed Fastening (CF) Shingle protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable, watertight and durable than ever before. CF Shingle has been specifically designed for the North American market to resemble the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles but without the inherent ongoing issues that many home owners face.

Granite Ridge Metal Shingle

Granite Ridge metal shingles provide your home with a traditional shingle look, combined with long-lasting security and protection from the freeze-thaw cycles of the north. Can you ask the same of traditional asphalt shingles? Available in seven classic colours.

Ideal® Shingle

Wakefield Bridge™ steel shingles by Ideal® Roofing are manufactured with a stucco-embossed finish for greater strength and a distinguished look. Available in many designer colours to perfectly match today’s popular residential construction cladding materials.

Concealed Fastening (CF) Shingle

Granite Ridge Shingle