Steel Metal Sheet Roofing – Simple & Durable

Metal Roof Outlet Provides Steel Roofing Systems for Homes and Businesses

The first generation of steel roofing.

Our steel sheet options: Stolform®, Ideal® Heritage Standing Seam and Corrugated Steel—are perfect for homes that require quality, weather-resistant roofing that will last.
Stolform® Quality Metal Roofing Products
These durable, built to last panels have four layers: metallic coating, chemical pre-treatment, flexible primer, and quality top coat. They are manufactured in Canada with 29 gauge high-tensile steel and offer 36 inch coverage. Stolform® products also feature a weather-tight lap design and come with a 40 year limited paint warranty.
Ideal® Heritage Standing Seam
These panels offer maximum protection against leakage, making them perfect for areas with more extreme weather conditions. Like our other steel roofs, they are maintenance-free and energy efficient. Ideal® Heritage Standing Seam panels are perfect for long rafters and roofs with low pitch, and can add value to any home.
Metal Sheet Styles Stolform® Colours Stolform® Textures Ideal® Colours