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Classic Charcoal Metal Shingles | Chatham, Ontario

Featured Installation “Reinforced Chatham Ranch”

A Fateful Meeting…

We met the owners of this home through collaboration on a new build. We had both been contracted for different parts of a residential build. After seeing our metal shingles installed in person, the owners of this (now) Reinforced Chatham Ranch were impressed!

As a family-owned metal roofing company, we take pride in the professionalism of our installations and the workmanship that goes into each and every metal roof installation. That’s why it meant so much to us when these homeowners absolutely loved our work and wanted to learn more!

They thought the CF metal shingle in Charcoal would be the perfect finishing touch on their home. They told us they absolutely loved the classic Charcoal grey tiles and the sleek look of the concealed fastenings.

Fast forward to their completed installation, and we agree – the CF metal shingle is a perfect match! Backed with a 50-year 190 km per hour wind warranty, this family home will be Ontario weather proof for years to come.

Thousands of very satisfied customers have trusted Metal Roof Outlet with the important decision of investing in a metal roof. Trained in the most recent technical developments in the industry, our team of professionals will help you weigh out the architectural design details, installation methods, warranties and advantages of each product we offer. With an impeccable track record and reliable advice since 1986, see for yourself why Ontarians trust Metal Roof Outlet with their metal roof installation.

The front of a one-story red brick home in Chatham, Ontario with a large green grass front lawn and a charcoal metal shingle roof from metal roof outlet
CF Metal Shingle|Colour: Charcoal

Metal Roof Installation in Chatham, Ontario by Metal Roof Outlet's expert installation team

Close-up shot of Tilcor's CF Shingle in the colour Charcoal installed on a home in Chatham, Ontario by Metal Roof Outlet
Chatham, Ontario

CF metal shingles are backed with a 50-year, 190/kph (km per hour) wind warranty to ensure that your home will be Ontario-weather proof for years to come!


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