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Metal Roofs: A Solid Choice for Rural Ontario | Blenheim, Ontario

Featured Installation “Open Rural Ranch”

Rural Ontario homeowners are no stranger to strong winds. After years fighting off damage to their asphalt roof, this feature installation in Blenheim, Ontario said their final goodbye to costly shingle repairs. They can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the strength and durability of a metal roof.

Metal Roof Outlet’s team of experienced and knowledgeable staff helped advise these homeowners, who chose Tilcor CF Shingle in the colour Charcoal to complement the deep grey siding of their rural ranch. CF stands for concealed fastening, a style of metal shingle that is low-profile with completely hidden screws. The result is a metal roof that is both beautiful and weathertight.

In case CF Shingle’s 120-mph wind warranty isn’t enough…

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that CF Shingles can help save even more money. Thanks to their unique design, they can be installed directly over existing asphalt shingle roofs. This speeds up installation while saving on the costs associated with shingle removal.

Thousands of very satisfied customers have trusted Metal Roof Outlet with the important decision of investing in a metal roof. Trained in the most recent technical developments in the industry, our team of professionals will help you weigh out the architectural design details, installation methods, warranties and advantages of each product we offer. With an impeccable track record and reliable advice since 1986, see for yourself why Ontarians trust Metal Roof Outlet with their metal roof installation.

Side view of dark grey home with dark grey metal shingles installed by Metal Roof Outlet in Blenheim, Ontario. Home sits on green grass with a garden and trees around and a bright blue sky with clouds above

Tilcor Concealed Fastening Metal Shingles in the colour, Charcoal was installed by Metal Roof Outlet's expert installation team on a ranch in Blenheim, Ontario.

Aerial view of dark grey metal roof installed by Metal Roof Outlet on a home in Blenheim, Ontario with trees and green grass around
Blenheim, Ontario: A new metal roof from Metal Roof Outlet provides superior weather protection for your home. Professional, speedy installation makes for maximum homeowner satisfaction.

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