The new roof that will last a lifetime.

Metal Roof Tiles: A Picture Perfect Pairing for Century-Old Farmhouse

This 1800s Ridgetown farmhouse got more than just a roof refresh with its new metal roof.


By choosing True Nature North Ridge Slate metal tiles by Vicwest, the owners have a roof that’s built to last as long as their picturesque century home!

According to Vicwest Product Manager Geoff Bernstein, “True Nature metal tiles are engineered to solve a common concern with metal roofs, which is how to offer the protection of steel but still provide the homeowner with the right design aesthetic for their home. The trim details make for a beautiful finish that fits seamlessly with these older style homes. Homeowners fall in love with the look of the tiles, and that makes choosing True Nature an easy decision for them.”

The homeowners for this project chose True Nature North Ridge Slate metal tile in the colour Shadow Deep Grey to complement the warm red brick.


Once installed, this metal roof is indiscernible from slate, which would have been the original roofing material over 100 years ago.


When you install a metal roof, you invest in a worry-free future. Thanks to the innovative design behind Vicwest’s True Nature tiles, this home will be storm- and weather-proof for years to come!


Metal Roof Outlet’s expert installation team applied the metal roof directly on top of the old asphalt roof. This style of installation is a popular choice, and one you can feel good about. Not only does it save on construction time, but it minimizes waste ending up in landfill.

Vicwest True Nature North Ridge Slate Metal Tile in the colour Shadow Deep Grey

Product Benefits – Vicwest True Nature

Firstly, Vicwest True Nature tile is designed with Quadra-Loc technology.


Quadra-Loc technology offers innovative water-tightness by locking the metal tiles in place on all four sides.


Secondly, True Nature tiles are easy to maintain because they can stand up to destructive high winds and driving rains. Deep key ways in the tile force water down the roof into the gutters. Vicwest metal tiles virtually eliminate uplift from high winds and driving rains.


Lastly, True Nature metal roof tiles come with a dependable warranty for peace of mind. They are guaranteed not to chip, crack, peel or otherwise lose adhesion for 50+ years after being installed.


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