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Metal Gabled Roofs Withstand Wind | Aylmer, Ontario

Featured Installation “Charming Gabled Ranch”

This charming gabled ranch in Aylmer, Ontario features one of the most popular roof styles in North America – the gabled roof! Gabled roofs are characterized by their steep slopes, and are known for repelling precipitation like heavy rains and snowfall as it slides off the roof with ease. 

While beneficial for areas exposed to heavy snow and rainfall, installing asphalt shingles on a gable roof tends to come with a warning in areas that are prone to high winds and hurricanes. Luckily, the new metal roof on this Aylmer residence comes with a 190-kph wind warranty, making it durable and hurricane-resistant. 

It was the perfect time for these homeowners to upgrade to a new metal roof thanks to additional renovations already underway – including a brand new front porch addition! With helpful input from Metal Roof Outlet’s experienced installation team, the homeowners chose Tilcor “CF” (concealed fastening) Shingle in the colour Charcoal. 

Fastening screws are completely hidden in these low-profile stone coated steel panels, providing beauty and enhanced weather tightness in a concealed fastening metal roof that lasts.

Green grass front lawn in front of white home with a sign out front that reads "Another Metal Roof by Metal Roof Outlet, 1-800-366-0620 www.metalroofoutlet.com"
Metal Roof Outlet's Tilcor Concealed Fastening (CF) metal shingles in the colour Charcoal on an Aylmer, Ontario gabled roof
View of white home on green grass with a grey metal roof. A tree hangs in front and grey clouds behind in the sky.

Tilcor CF metal shingles in the colour Charcoal from Metal Roof Outlet provide peace of mind to these homeowners with a gabled roof

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