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Meet Us

Metal Roof Outlet is dedicated to providing our customers with impeccable installation, courteous professional staff, outstanding service and enduring dependability. Committed to the steel roofing industry since 1986 we are experts in our field. Today our service areas span Ontario with regional representatives across the province who are happy to assist you in your neighborhood.

Metal Roof Outlet offers a variety of quality metal roof systems that meet and exceed architectural requirements and design demands while also accommodating individual tastes and budget realities.

Please take some time to survey the range of work and services we provide: from agricultural and first generation metal roofs to the latest, most sophisticated profiles which better resemble classic roofing systems such as wood, slate and clay. These are metal roofs that don’t look or sound like steel!

Metal Roof Outlet Provides You with Quality Metal Roofing

Since 1986, Metal Roof Outlet has supplied residents with steel roofing in Ontario — creating thousands of satisfied customers. With our money-saving and esthetically-pleasing roof options, our steel roofing is a great investment for your home.

A Safe Investment! A metal roof will save you time and money, since they are maintenance-free and energy efficient. Each roof comes with a 35-year-or-more transferable warranty. This means you, or the next owner of your home, won’t need to worry about future roof problems. A metal roof is more than peace of mind, it’s also good for resale value!

Our steel roofing adds real market value to your home, giving you increased profits should you choose to sell.

Investing in steel roofing in Ontario is a safe and worthwhile investment for your home. Our roofs can withstand the extreme weather conditions this province is known for, and are non-combustible, non-flammable, and fade-resistant.

Our goal at Metal Roof Outlet is to ensure your home looks great and remains efficient – long after it has been installed. You’ll enjoy savings over the years because of improved insulation and reduced heat intake, and you’ll reap the permanent benefits of increased home value and curb appeal.

The warranties that Metal Roof Outlet provides reassure you of our quality and our commitment to you.

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