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How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost? Metal Roof Pricing, Explained.


One of the main benefits of choosing to install a metal roof on your home is the long-term savings and freedom from maintenance over the lifetime of the roof. Although the initial investment for a metal roof may be more than a shingle roof, by not having to replace the roof after 5-10 years, your investment will pay off in savings (or increased profits should you choose to sell your house).

Our savings analysis can give you an idea of just how much you can expect to save by investing in a metal roof.

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How much that metal roof will cost depends on a variety of factors:

Metal Roofing Product:

Product pricing can depend on a variety of factors such as supply & demand, material cost, and shipping cost.

$ Metal sheet is fairly inexpensive and great for a roof with low pitch and long rafters, or commercial use – but BE CAREFUL! Some metal roofing companies will sell and install economy level metal roofing made of cheap material that needs more maintenance and needs to be repainted often. While cheaper in the short run, if anyone is giving you a price of $5/ square foot or below, you should be very wary about the long term costs this could entail.
$$ Metal Shingles are available with various finishes such as a stucco-embossed finish or for a more traditional shingle look, stone coated. Although a bit more expensive to produce, metal shingles can be applied over top of an asphalt roof in some cases, reducing the cost of installation. Click here to watch our installation video to see how our team installs metal shingles.
$$$ Metal Shake gives you the look of cedar shake without the worry of wood rot or weathering, moss and fungus. More detailed, to re-create the natural shading of wood shingles, this metal roofing will be more expensive than basic metal sheet or metal shingle roofing but your homes curb-side appeal will increase.
$$$ Metal Tile is as elegant as authentic clay tiles, without the maintenance or fear of sliding tiles. This metal roofing product gives a Mediterranean touch with a unique blend of earth stone granules bonded and sealed into pre-formed panels.
$$$$ Metal Slate looks just like stone slate roofing material, but performs much better. You will not have to worry about cracked tiles, or cascading ice and snow with this material.

Metal roofing products are energy efficient in both hot and cold climates, saving you even more money on energy bills!

Roof Style:

A Gable style roof found on many commercial buildings will be easier to install a metal roof on, compared to a Hip style roof, which will cost more. We have sales representatives come out to do on site quotes to discern just how difficult the roof will be to install & give our customers an accurate estimate.

Pitch & Details:

Pitch refers to how steep your roof is. If the pitch is low, it will be easier to install your new metal roof and therefore cost less money in labour and equipment. A steep roof will require special equipment and cost more to install your metal roof, as will the number of skylights and chimneys. Other details that may increase the cost of your metal roof are the availability of space for parking, disposal containers, and other special equipment.

We hope that this article gives you a better idea of what goes into the price of a metal roof and why we insist on coming to see the roof in person to give an accurate quote (no surprises – for you or us!). If you think you’d like to buy the metal roofing materials and install the metal roof yourself, we provide this service as well and have a large showroom to display different products & materials.

You can expect a metal roof price to range from $13,000 – $25,000 depending on the factors listed above.

To see how much you’ll save, go to our savings analysis page.

What happens when I ask for a quote?

If you decide that you would like a quote, we will make an appointment with you to visit your home and measure your roof.

Our estimators are trained professionals and will be able to:
• Answer any questions that you have regarding our products and services.
• Bring samples of our different products so that you can see what they would look like on your home.
• Provide addresses of homes in your area that have examples of your preferred roof style.

There is no charge or obligation associated with our quotes. We do not sell or share your information with any other company and we will never pressure you to make a decision. You will be left with an easy to understand, clearly written quote, along with any other information that you request.