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A small, older bungalow in Alymer, Ontario needed a new, hip roof. Just moving in, the new owners were thinking long-term about their investment by visiting Metal Roof Outlet

A homeowner in Chatham, Ontario reached out to Metal Roof Outlet for options to replace his 25-year-old cedar shake roof. With the help of Metal Roof Outlet, he found Boral Steel Pine-Crest Shake, in the colour Timberwood

Sometimes timing is everything. The owners of a bungalow in Dutton, ON had a shingle roof that only lasted 10 years. With the goal to retire in the next few years, they wanted to replace their roof once and for all, while they were both still working.

Brad was tired of maintaining the asphalt shingles on his gable valley roof and was looking for something maintenance-free. With the help of Metal Roof Outlet, he found Pine-Crest Shake in the colour Timberwood.

This is an installation we’ll never forget. In the small and charming town of Springfield, Ontario, our team at Metal Roof Outlet installed the first CF (concealed fastening) metal shingle in Canada!

After fighting years of flying asphalt shingles, the owners of this home in St. Thomas, Ontario decided it was time to invest once and for all in a new metal roof. They were thrilled to learn they could keep a traditional asphalt look in a metal roof!

A savvy shopper is someone who knows how to do their research, and the owner of this home in Rodney, Ontario definitely did their research! Click the link below to learn why this homeowner chose Metal Roof Outlet.

A Fateful Meeting… We met the owners of this home through collaboration on a new build. After seeing our metal shingles installed in person, the owners of this (now) Reinforced Chatham Ranch were impressed!

Like so many homeowners, this family in Charing Cross, Ontario was tired of putting on asphalt roof after asphalt roof. There’s no doubt the Ontario climate is hard on our homes! At last, they decided to look for a lifetime solution.

With input and guidance from Metal Roof Outlet, this homeowner installed Tilcor’s CF Shingles in the colour Estate Grey on their home in Dover Centre, Ontario.

Rural Ontario homeowners are no stranger to strong winds. After years fighting off damage to their asphalt roof, this feature installation in Blenheim, Ontario said their final goodbye to costly shingle repairs.

After years with real wood shake roof on their home, this Cedarwood-Inspired Union Cottage was ready for an upgrade to a metal roof – while maintaining the cozy wood look.

This charming gabled ranch in Aylmer, Ontario features one of the most popular roof styles in North America – the gabled roof! Now hurricane-resistant, thanks to a new metal roof.

Tilcor’s CF Shingle boasts a 190-kph wind warranty. The colour Charcoal creates a beautiful and timeless look against the white home exterior.

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