Step-by-Step Video & Guide from Metal Roof Outlet

A Metal Roof, Installed by Professionals, will Last a Lifetime

If you’re considering a new metal roof from Metal Roof Outlet, check out the video above or read through our step-by-step guide below! We’ll walk you through our process of installing our most popular  type of metal roof, so you know what to expect when working with us.

Step 1: Material Selection and Ordering

The first step is to select the type of metal roofing material that best suits your needs and preferences. You’ll also need to choose the style, colour, and finish of the metal panels. Working with Metal Roof Outlet, you can make informed decisions based on your budget, climate, and desired look. Click here to start browsing our metal roofing products.

Step 2: Roof Deck Preparation

Preparing the roof deck is crucial for a successful metal roofing installation. The roof deck is the foundation that supports the metal panels, so it needs to be in good condition.

Once our team arrives, they will unload and organize materials. Then, with safety gear in place, they install a vapour barrier on top of the existing shingles. This provides an additional protection against moisture and helps to improve energy efficiency. It also ensures that your metal roof will perform at its best and provide maximum benefits.

Step 3: Eave Starter and Trim Installation

Eave starter and trim are essential components when installing a metal roof. They provide a clean, finished look and help to protect the roof from moisture infiltration.

Eave starter is a metal strip that serves as the starting point for the metal roof panels. The eave starter is typically made of the same material as the metal roof panels and is designed to provide a straight, level edge for the first row of roof panels to rest on. Trim is used to finish the edges of the metal roof and provide a clean, professional appearance.

Step 4: Metal Roof Installation

Now comes the exciting part – the actual installation of the metal roof panels! Metal panels (shown in the video with a shingle-look) are installed starting at the eaves. Panels are screwed down using a Concealed Fastening system to create a seamless and weather-tight barrier. This requires skill, precision, and experience to ensure that the metal panels are installed correctly and securely.

Step 5: Hip & Ridge Capping Installation

Hip & ridge capping finish the job. Hip and ridge capping are components used in metal roof installations to cover and protect the hip and ridge lines of the roof. They are installed along the ridges and hips of the roof to provide a finished appearance, protect against water infiltration, and reinforce the vulnerable areas where two roof planes intersect.

Step 6: Quality Assurance and Clean-Up

Our installers take great pride in their work and will do a thorough clean up of your property. After a final inspection to ensure you’re satisfied, you’ll have a roof you can look up to and never replace again!

Thousands of very satisfied customers have trusted Metal Roof Outlet with the important decision of investing in a metal roof. Trained in the most recent technical developments in the industry, our team of professionals will help you weigh out the architectural design details, installation methods, warranties and advantages of each product we offer. With an impeccable track record and reliable advice since 1986, see for yourself why Ontarians trust Metal Roof Outlet with their metal roof installation.