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Choosing Your Roof: How Metal Roofing Stacks Up Against Asphalt Shingles | London, ON

Featured Installation “Metal vs Asphalt: Discover the Cost Saving Benefits of Metal Roofing”

Hard to believe, right? This beautiful home in London, Ontario features a metal roof that looks just like traditional asphalt shingles!


This metal roofing product is Tilcor’s CF Shingle in a charcoal blend. The charcoal colour compliments this sprawling bungalow’s lighter brick colour and the look of asphalt adds warmth and depth.


Besides the elevated curb appeal, this home has full protection from the elements. Crafted from premium raw materials sourced from New Zealand steel, these shingles are the epitome of durability and resilience. What sets them apart is the innovative Concealed Fastening (CF) system, which ensures all fastening components remain hidden and protects the roof from wind and moisture. Tilcor’s CF metal shingle is backed by a 50-year, 190 km/hr wind warranty, with an extremely durable UV-resistant coating.


Traditional asphalt shingles have a cozy, warm look that’s now replicated in metal, with so many more added benefits.


See the latest long term cost-saving benefits of metal roofing when compared to traditional asphalt shingles below!

Metal vs Asphalt




Metal roofing can last 50+ years.

Asphalt shingles can last 20-30 years.


Reflective or UV coatings on metal roofing products can reduce cooling costs by reflecting sunlight and heat away from the home. 

Traditional asphalt shingles can absorb heat and become hot in the sun, increasing AC costs in the summer.


Metal’s resistance to fire, hail and wind damage may result in lower insurance premiums. 

The age and condition of an asphalt roof may affect insurance premiums. Asphalt roofs are more susceptible to wind damage and general wear & tear over time. 


Metal roofs are recyclable, and they often contain recycled materials, making them a more environmentally friendly option. The installers at Metal Roof Outlet can place the new metal roof right over the existing shingles – saving a trip to the dump and preventing more asphalt in landfills.

Asphalt shingles take up space in landfills and contain petroleum-based materials, which can release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases when they decompose, contributing to air and water pollution.


Metal roofing is maintenance-free.

Asphalt shingles require periodic replacements or repairs due to weather damage, UV exposure and wear & tear.


Metal roofing can be an attractive re-sale feature as the long-term investment reduces future roofing expenses. 

Prospective buyers always look at large expenses like roofing as deterrents. Often those selling will be advised to upgrade an old roof, due to the decreased value and added expense of an old asphalt roof. 


The long term savings of metal roofing due to reduced maintenance, energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan can outweigh the initial investment. Homeowners can recover their initial investment by way of decreased energy expenses and reduced maintenance costs.

Asphalt roofing has an lower up-front cost than metal, however it isn’t maintenance-free and has a shorter lifespan, compared to metal counterparts.

Check out our Savings & Investment Analysis comparing asphalt and metal roofing to see what you’ll save! 

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Metal Roof Outlet installed Tilcor CF Shingles in the colour Charcoal Blend on this home in London, Ontario.
Tilcor CF shingles feature a UV-resistant coating and are backed by a 50-year, 190km/hr wind warranty.

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