The new roof that will last a lifetime.

BUYER BEWARE: How to Choose a Metal Roofing Contractor


We know a new metal roof is a significant investment in your home. We want to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

For starters, you should know that in Ontario roofing contractors are not licensed by the government– but a little bit of research will help you find a reliable contractor!

Follow these steps when you’re ready to get started:

Step 1: Research Roofing Contractors in Your Area:

  • What warranties will they provide on both workmanship and products used?
  • Is the warranty transferable to a new homeowner?
  • What certification, affiliations, accreditation and other credentials do they have?

Step 2: Find out the Answers to these Critical Questions:

Before booking your on-site estimate, make sure the contractor can answer YES to these critical questions:

  • Have they been in business for over 10 years?
  • Do they carry insurance, including Workers Compensation?
  • Do they carry liability insurance? (This should be at least $5 Million)
  • Do their workers have working at heights official training?
  • Do they take care of getting permits and cleaning up after the construction?
  • Do they fully inspect your roof before preparing an estimate or quote?

You’ll also want to ask them when they can start work. Be wary if this is not at least 2 months out — There could be a reason they’re not busy!

metal roof installer drilling shiny new metal sheets onto roof


Step 3: Check Personal References of 3 Roofing Contractors:

If a contractor refuses to provide you with a reference: DO NOT USE THAT CONTRACTOR.

When you contact references be sure to these questions as a minimum:

  • Would they hire this roofing contractor again?
  • Did the job come in on or under budget and on time?
  • Did the company consider their personal property and take measures to ensure no damage would be caused?
  • Was the job site cleaned up to your satisfaction after the roof was installed?

Ready to check references? Use our easy guide!

Be sure to check reviews on their website, Google, and Facebook as well!

If you are ready to have a contractor come out to the house be sure they will do the following:

  • Ensure they are prepared to provide you a detailed contract and not just an estimate.
  • Detail the work that is to be completed.
  • Detail the warranties in writing prior to the start of the job.
  • Detail the specific materials that will be used.
  • Specify the payment terms and methods of payment.

Once you are satisfied that these questions have been answered to your satisfaction, you should feel more comfortable in picking a contractor.

Of course, these are meant to be a guideline. Do as much research as you feel is required.

You are making a significant investment into your home! You will want it to be done well.