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5 Common Mistakes Installing Metal Roofing | Metal Roof Outlet

September 3, 2015 2:19 pm

When Installing Metal Roofing Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes

Metal roofing, or steel roofing, is a popular choice these days for homes and it offers many practical advantages. A metal roof is durable, it helps make your home more energy efficient, and it looks great.

If you are planning to self-install your metal roofing in Ontario, there are some important facts you need to know before getting started. Metal Roof Outlet wants to be sure you avoid these 5 common mistakes when installing your own steel roofing:

  1. Not verifying your insurance coverage
    Before installing your metal roofing in Ontario, you should contact your insurance company to be sure that your roof will still be covered. Some insurance companies will not cover your roof if the steel roofing is installed on top of existing shingles. It takes one simple call to have peace of mind!
  2. Voiding the warranty
    Your steel roofing needs to be installed according to the specifications of the manufacturer otherwise it may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so be sure to check the warranty requirements and follow the instructions accordingly. A voided warranty could end up costing you in the future if your roof is ever damaged and sections need to be replaced.
  3. Installing over a damaged roof
    Before you begin the installation, it’s critical to make sure that none of the existing shingles or the roof deck itself have dry rot or other signs of damage. Without a stable base to install over, your metal roofing could break loose or be prone to gaps where water can seep in and cause damage.
  4. Choosing the wrong underlayment
    You’ve checked with your insurance company, read the warranty and made sure your existing roof is stable, now it’s time to choose the proper underlayment. To find the best underlayment for your metal roofing project, contact us for expert advice tailored to your specific needs. We also have professionals available to install your underlayment and roof.
  5. Using the wrong type of flashing
    When connecting your steel roof to exposed portions of your house, such as vents, chimneys, or skylights, you’ll need to make sure your metal roof is properly sealed so that moisture can’t seep in. Getting the right type of flashing and installing it properly will help ensure your metal roofing is impregnable to rain and melting snow.

Now that you know the common problems you’ll face when installing metal roofing, you’re ready to start your project. To find all the materials you’ll need, along with helpful tips and expert advice, get in touch with us. Not sure you’re ready for a metal roof? Give us a call and let’s discover the right option for your home.